What does it mean to get a letter from Reda Inkasso?

If you have received a letter from Reda Inkasso it means that you have missed paying a bill, debt, or similar. You can fix this by contacting us at
+46 (0) 42 450 32 99 and we'll help you get started with a payment plan. We will adapt the payment plan to your current economic situation and together we find a solution that suits you.

If you do not contact us your debt will increase quickly in interest and charges. It may also be relevant to us to enlist the help of enforcement authority to recover the debt, which you can easily avoid by giving us a call. If you get a non-payment registration and goes to enforcement, it may be difficult to obtain loans, credits, subscriptions of various kinds, buy/rent apartments, etc.

As you see a non-payment registration can render you some future difficulties, so contact us instead and we will help you to a better economic future.